Gas Transmission Pipeline Projects
October 6, 2016
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Tank Foundation

After a different contractor had tried and failed, PPI repaired the foundation for a product tank with differential settlement of at least 18 inches.

A fter the previous contractor had failed to remediate the tank, the client was faced with a completely unusable tank and only two choices: completely demolish the existing tank and foundation and build a new tank in its place or leave the unusable tank out of service, taking up valuable terminal space.

The client knew that PPI provides a proprietary ground improvement system. Having worked with us successfully on several projects, the client contacted PPI to provide a solution.

After investigating the existing conditions of the foundation and obtaining the necessary geotechnical investigation, we were able to design a new foundation system for the client with the tank in place.

PPI removed the tank bottom, lifted the 900,000-lb tank and supported it in place with sufficient room to work under the tank. PPI installed our propriety ground improvement system beneath the tank, demolished and replaced approximately a third of the tank concrete ringwall, re-leveled the remaining section of the concrete ringwall, and lowered the tank back in place.

The tank is now back in service producing revenue for the client for a fraction of the cost of demolishing and replacing the entire tank and foundation.


Underneath lifted tank