Complete foundation solutions
for your project needs.

Offering multiple foundation solutions allows us to meet your project’s particular foundation requirements. Whether your constraints are site & soil related, budget related, and/or schedule driven, we can provide you with the foundation best suited for your project requirements and subsurface soil conditions.

We are a full service company. Our knowledgeable and experienced personnel provide services from pre-design consultation & budget estimates to full engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) – whatever you need. With our own crews and equipment, we provide boots on the ground execution of your project.


Complete foundation solutions

Deep Foundation Services

> Augered Cast-in-Place piles: full length, limited headroom, and restricted access
> Driven piles: PCPS concrete piles, timber piles, pipe piles, H-Piles, helical piles
> Drilled shafts: straight shaft or bell bottom
> Sheet piles: sheeting, shoring, and coffer dam systems

Ground or Soil Improvements

> Compacted aggregate piers – cost-effective solutions for heavily-loaded tanks, industrial and commercial applications
> Often eliminates the need for deep foundations or over-excavation alternatives
> Allows the use of conventional shallow spread footing technologies in lieu of pile caps
> Control settlement & increase the factors of safety with respect to stability and/or bearing capacity
> Compact-R™ and SpoilFree® are services we provide for use in high sand and high water conditions and when displacement options are desired
> Compact-R™ makes use of our unique patented pier tool and method of use. Pat. 10,640,944

Industrial Civil

> Site clearing & grading
> Tank ringwall or mat foundations
> Load transfer platforms & granular pads
> Containment dikes, retaining walls, & access roads

Full Service

>Pre-construction consultation for foundation selection
> Pre-construction budget estimation
> Engineering, Procurement, & Construction
> Company crews using company owned equipment


PPI Engineering & Construction Services, LLC provides foundation displacement technologies for solutions in intermediate foundation installations without soil drilling or excavation

ComboPier ®

The latest in Ground Improvement Technology

PPI Engineering & Construction Services, LLC is introducing the latest leap forward in deep foundation design.

Our ComboPier® (Patent No.: US 10,822,762) extends ground improvement from its current implementation depth limit of 45’ to 150’.

This technology breakthrough eliminates pile caps and the associated point loads of auger cast piles. The implementation of the load transfer platform design allows the loads to be transferred over a greater surface area thus reducing stresses in the foundation.

This design may reduce foundation costs by 30% or more as compared to the traditional auger cast-in-place pile deep foundations.

Deep Foundation Clients


From April 2008 to February 2020, PPI Engineering & Construction Services, LLC provided engineered aggregate pier systems which were designed and installed under a license from the Geopier Foundation Company. Projects shown may have been completed under our licensed affiliation with Geopier. We are no longer affiliated with Geopier; and therefore, we do not intend for any of those included projects to represent a current affiliation. Geopier®, Geopier Foundation Company®, and Rammed Aggregate Pier® are registered trademarks of the Geopier Foundation Company. Please note that we continue to offer engineered aggregate pier systems to our clients, just not Geopier products/systems.