VGO Tank Foundation
October 19, 2016
Pipeline Compressor Stations
October 19, 2016
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Foundation System
for Tank Expansion Project

PPI designed and built soil improvements and deep foundations for a 10-tank terminal expansion project to control settlement.

T he project included design, procurement, and construction for soil improvements and ringwall foundations for 10 above-ground cone roof storage tanks. Work included in this project is a complete foundation system.

Each 120-ft x 60-ft tank had a minimum shell capacity of 120,000 bbl and weighed 900,000 lbm (tank steel plus internal floating roof). The design contemplated a product specific gravity of 0.84 for products such as gasoline, diesel, blendstocks, and ethanol. The design included cathodic protection.

The work included the following:

  • Complete foundation design for each tank, certified by a Texas professional engineer
  • All equipment, materials, supervision, and labor to construct and test the tank soil improvements and foundation system
  • Design criteria for ramps and roads to accommodate installation equipment, design for load transfer platform, and design for the concrete ringwall foundation
  • Complete site work including containment dikes and roads
  • Assisting with hydrotesting


Ground Improvements

Foundation System for Tank Expansion Project

Concrete Ringwall