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October 19, 2016
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Natural Gas Pipeline
Engineering, design, and drafting

PPI performed project management, engineering, design, survey, and right-of-way services for a 26-mile, 26-in. natural gas pipeline in East Texas for a Major pipeline company.

P PPI began with the route selection and title investigations for the client. Work continued with design & drafting service, field survey services, and right-of-way & land acquisition services necessary to build the pipeline.

The work includes the following services and deliverables:

  • Field investigation and full title investigations
  • Right-of-way and land acquisition
  • Route centerline survey, boundary surveys, and topographic surveys for crossings
  • Easement plats, alignment sheets, permit drawings, crossing details, house count survey, and hazard class analysis
  • Engineering, design, and drafting for horizontal directional drills
  • Construction survey and as-built survey and drawings
  • Landowner interface, damage settlements, and construction support
  • As-built alignment sheets upon completion of construction

Natural Gas Pipeline

Construction As-Built Survey

Natural Gas Pipeline

Natural Gas Pipeline