Foundation System for Tank Expansion Project
October 19, 2016
Gas Transmission Pipeline Projects
October 6, 2016
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Pipeline Compressor
Engineering, design, and drafting

PPI performed engineering, design, and drafting for 10 compressor stations for major pipeline company. The project included designing the model compressor station to be used as the flagship model for all future stations.

W ork consisted of initial project walk-throughs, project layout, process flow diagrams, pipeline and instrumentation diagrams, 3D modeling, drawings and documentation, and as-built drawings and documentation upon completion of construction.

  • Initial project investigations
  • Engineering, design, and drafting for
    • Architectural/civil/structural drawings and documentation, including load calculations, layout, grading and drainage, foundations, supports, structures, covers, roads, data sheets, specifications, bill of materials, etc.
    • Mechanical drawings and documentation, including process flow diagrams and piping and instrumentation diagrams
    • Electrical and instrumentation drawings and documentation, including key plan, areas of classification plans, ESC and SES plans, MCC plans, switchgear & power feed plans, instrumentation plans, schedules, cathodic protection, bill of materials, etc.

Pipeline Compressor Stations

Compressor Station

Pipeline Compressor Stations

Mechanical Piping Plan